Last updated: January 9th 2021

This page details some projects I have worked on along with my GitHub contributions.

The charts are made using a serverless function to query the GitHub GraphQL API. The serverless function uses Google charts to render the data then Puppeteer to take a picture of the chart and return it as an image. Clicking on one of the charts will open the chart in interactive mode where you hover over the elements for more information.

Top Languages used:

Here’s my top languages I use, calculated from my GitHub commits.

This chart is updated via the GitHub GraphQL endpoint every time the page is requested, you can see what languages I’m working with daily.

GitHub last 20 repos language split pie chart


A mixture of personal and professional projects I have worked on. If you want to collaborate on anything reach out. 👍

MDX Embed

Embed popular 3rd party media content into your .mdx

Built with

  • gatsby
  • mdx
  • typescript

GitHub Charts

Serverless function to display GitHub user information as images

Built with

  • typescript
  • serverless
  • vercel

City 2 Sea

A playful landing page featuring the voice of Andy Serkis

Built with

  • gatsby
  • styled-components
  • lottie

Cheat Sheets

A collection of hints and tips for web development

Built with

  • gatsby
  • chakra
  • mdx


This is my GitHub contributions chart taken from the GitHub API GraphQL endpoint. You can click on it to see the interactive example.

GitHub contributions heatmap

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