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Scott SpenceHello World!

This is my blog where I write about many things, including, but not limited to JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Toast, Tailwind, Svelte and many more web dev related topics.

Hi I’m Scott

Last updated: April 2nd 2021

I’m a web developer for Creative Products at Karmarama, based in Farringdon, London UK. Currently working from home.

From the 26th of April 2021 I will be working with GraphCMS as a Developer Advocate.

I create content written in the blog here and also in educational videos supporting the written content.

I’m a second career dev, that reskilled from a VBA analyst developer role into web development.

I’m a massive fan of the Jamstack I have a wealth of knowledge working with Gatsby.

More details in the portfolio section.

Sectors I have worked in:

I have over ten years experience in working for large corporate organisations in Finance (Risk, Asset Management), Property, Oil & Gas and Lloyd’s insurance market.

As a web developer I’ve worked in government digital transformation and creative digital.

My personality

I find it hard to identify my traits, so instead I took the 16Personalities test, here are my results.

My interests

Since COVID hit we’ve all been housebound for well over a year now. I like to go running daily or every other day.

I’m obsessed with watching anything to do with mechanical engineering.

I play Borderlands 3 on Stadia, then Borderlands 1 and 2 on the Nintendo Switch.

Music I listen to

I’m a massive Drum and Bass fan, I have a Spotify playlist I like to listen to for coding with the title for which I stole from Phil Hawksworth:

Other playlists I’d recommend would be the UKF Drum and Bass Top 100:

Now Playing - Spotify 🎧

Scott, Spotify Playing

Podcasts I listen to

I listen to many podcasts, here are some that I get a lot of value from that aren’t all code related:

Darknet Diaries

Indie Hackers

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